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Who was Valentina Gioia ( Mother-of-two is hit by a truck and killed while crossing the road ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Valentina Gioia

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  • A woman died after being hit by a truck in western Sydney
  • The accident occurred at the intersection of Marion and Flood Street.
  • Witnesses and merchants tried desperately to provide first aid to the woman

A mother of two and a television manager who has worked on successful programs such as “Married at First Sight” has been identified as the woman who died after being hit by a truck while crossing the road.

Valentina Gioia, 43, was on her way shopping in Leichhardt, west of Sydney, when she was suddenly hit by the vehicle.

The incident occurred on Tuesday around 10:30 am. at the intersection of Marionstrasse and Flutstrasse in Leichhardt.

A dozen Witnesses and traders desperately tried to provide first aid and resuscitate the woman after she was hit by a truck reportedly driven by a young father.

The New South Wales Ambulance Service confirmed in a statement Tuesday that the woman died on the spot.

“She had a phone and she thought she could go red,” a witness told the Daily Telegraph.

“The poor driver was in shock. She is very sad and angry, she was a young woman who wore sports clothes. ‘

Witnesses said the young woman tragically looked at her phone through her headphones and she did not know she was in danger.

The driver leaned against the wall of a crowded street shop in shock as the police spoke to him.

The 43-year-old was also unharmed and was taken to the hospital for a mandatory visit.

Paramedics and police arrived quickly, but the woman suffered a head injury and unfortunately she could not be resuscitated.

The tarmac was slippery because it had rained intermittently all morning in Leichardt.

Some witnesses said the woman crossed when the pedestrian sign changed.

“This morning was a very dark scene for our paramedics and bystanders,” said New South Wales Ambulance Inspector Karl Cronan.

“Passers-by who tried to help the patient before we got to the scene are to be commended, it was a heartbreaking scene.

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