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Thomas Marnets

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Terrifying home security footage that captured the moment a man broke into a family home, ripped his pants, then walked into a nine-year-old’s bedroom, before her mother screams did not lead him to flee.

Thomas Marnets, 52, was arrested for burglary after his boss and his sister identified him as the man with the gruesome photos.

Security camera footage at Jacqueline Eisinga’s home in Flora Ave, Holiday, Florida was captured as she broke into the 1:00 am Thursday raid and entered through a door that led to her garage.

After entering the house, he walked to the girl’s bedroom door and stayed there for about three minutes.

“He was caught with his hands on the front of his shorts,” the arrest report said.

He then he briefly went back into the living room, unbuttoned his pants, then went back to the girl’s room and entered.

At that point, Eisinga’s daughter’s mother was awakened by her barking dogs and, according to Fox 13 News, she quickly knew something was wrong.

You said he turned around and saw my daughter’s door open. I said, “No, no, your room is never open,” she told Kron 4.

“I immediately started yelling my daughter’s name and she said, ‘Mom, I’m fine,’ Eisinga said, adding that her screams had woken her husband Daniel Roles.

“The person literally ran away. For example, I saw it coming, “she said.

Roles remembered last night: “They woke me up when my wife was yelling my daughter’s name. Someone was with us.

She said that she immediately started chasing the man and “she saw that my garage door was open, my side door was broken and my door was open”.

“I went back and called 911.” says Kron 4.

The girl is said to have slept through all of this.

“It gives me goosebumps, man. It should be a safe place and this guy is in my house snooping around my children and my family, ”the father said as Eisinga worried.

“My daughter could have been kidnapped. My daughter could have been attacked. She could have been a lot worse, “she commented.

After the sheriff’s office posted the security footage on Facebook, Marnets was immediately identified by several people, including his boss and his sister. The arrest report also found that Marnet’s friend told officers she saw the video and compared it to her lover.

According to court documents, Marnets was a welder from Longwood, Florida, nearly three hours from the site of the invasion. It was not immediately clear whether the Marnets still lived in Longwood.

In the arrest report, MPs found that Marnets was wearing the same shorts and glasses as the thief in the video.

In an interview with lawmakers, Marnets denied committing a theft and said he “took nothing” according to court documents.

MPs are still investigating the robbery, but say the Marnets and victims don’t seem to know each other.

The conditions of the suspect’s release on bail are unknown.

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