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Star Hobson

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A 16-month-old girl has died of “utterly catastrophic” injuries after being repeatedly assaulted by her mother for weeks and months, a court has heard.

Frankie Smith was charged today, along with his partner Savannah Brockhill, with the murder of Star Hobson.

After Star Hobson death in September 2020, the couple told police their injuries could have been caused by a child, Bradford Crown Court said.

But prosecutors called the proposal “absurd”, saying so much violence has been used that it is “quite impossible for doctors to imagine” that a child is the cause of the injuries.

The judges saw video footage of the star screaming at her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Lawyer Alistair MacDonald QC said the clip showed Star “also inflicted some level of cruelty and psychological harm” before her death.

The court heard paramedics calling into the apartment and found “the body of a pale and apparently lifeless baby wearing only a disposable diaper.”

They took her to Airedale General Hospital, but her injuries were so severe that “there had never been a real chance of saving her life,” MacDonald said.

The jury heard how the house’s internet searches for “Baby Commotion” and “How to Get a Baby Out of Shock” revealed a 15-minute gap between the incident and the 999 call.

Mr MacDonald said Smith and Brockhill were the only adults in the apartment at the time, although there were two other young children in attendance.

He said: “It is inconceivable that a caregiver could wait 15 minutes for professional help when their 16 month old baby is showing symptoms of a medical disaster.

“Any innocent caregiver would have been on the phone in seconds, not 15 minutes.”

Macdonald said examination of the girl’s body revealed that she had “suffered several serious injuries at different times.”

The jury heard Star die after receiving “violent and violent blows or blows such as punches, punches or kicks in the abdomen”.

MacDonald said there were also two fractures on Star’s right leg that “were caused by a severe twist” that broke during healing.

He also described a fractured back of the head and bruising, “many of which are considered non-accidental.”

The prosecutor said social services were aware of Star’s case but stayed away from her and many of her family in the latter part of her life.

The jury heard from several of Smith’s family and friends who raised concerns about the bruises they saw.

Photos were shown of the screaming girl who was forced to stand up and face a wall.

MacDonald added, “You wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t felt strong and strong emotions under the circumstances.”

The court heard that Smith was 19 when Star was born in May 2019, and her relationship with her father ended when the baby was around six months old.

Soon after, she began a relationship with Brockhill, who worked on the doors of the pubs she visited, the jury said.

They heard a witness remember an incident in which the boy accidentally bit his mother while he was helping feed her in a car.

Brockhill asked Smith what he would do about it, “after which Frankie Smith bit Star’s finger which made Star cry,” MacDonald said.

Judges received a series of CCTV footage showing prosecutors said Brockhill inflicted 21 blows of “significant force” on Star in a car over a period of nearly three hours.

The jury heard that the footage came from a camera at a recycling facility in Doncaster, where Brockhill was a security guard, and was filmed about eight days before Star’s death.

The clip shows the girl falling from the vehicle into a creature and being grabbed by the throat by Brockhill.

Another video presented to the jury, described by the prosecutor as “frightening and strange”, showed Star falling from a plastic chair and falling to the ground.

Images from cellphones were slowed down by the addition of music, as well as a caption that read “At this point you realize you are wrong”.

Another clip filmed on the accused’s cell phones showed Star so tired that she fell forward and fell asleep on a plate of food.

Mr. MacDonald told the jury that the young man was “clear.”

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