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Lee Martyn

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The mother of the Plymouth shooters, Maxine Davison and Sophie Martyn, 3, was named among the five victims of the shooting.

Maxine Davison, 51, was killed by her 22-year-old son, Jake Davison, at her home on Biddick Drive in Plymouth on Thursday night.

Davison then killed Sophie Martyn, three, her father Lee Martyn, 43, Stephen Washington and Kate Shepherd.

His attack lasted about six minutes before pointing the gun at him.

In online videos

Davison talked about being “beaten” and “overtaken by life”.

All deceased lived in the Keyham area of ​​Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall Police.

After the fatal shots, a large crowd gathered for a vigil.

At Keyham’s North Down Crescent Park, people laid flowers and held candles to commemorate those killed by Davison.

Dozens of tributes have already been deposited on the lawn and more and more people are coming.

Agents continue to investigate 13 scenes within a cordon that are expected to remain in place for much of the weekend.

After Davison killed his mother, he left the property and immediately shot Mr. Martyn and his daughter in the street.

Stephen Washington, 59, also died, along with Kate Shepherd, 66, who was injured at the scene and then died at Derriford Hospital.

Devon and Cornish Police Chief Shaun Sawyer claimed that Davison possessed a licensed firearm and witnesses described the firearm he used as a “shotgun”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the question of how Davison came to legal possession of a firearm should be the subject of “proper investigation” as he described the shooting as an “utterly gruesome” incident.

The Independent Police Conduct Office (IOPC) said it received preliminary information that Davison’s gun and driver’s license were returned to him in early July this year.

Police took his certificate and rifle from him in December 2020 following an assault charge in September 2020, the watchdog said.

The IOCC said it will investigate the decision-making process of the Devon and Cornish police regarding Davison’s possession of a rifle and a rifle certificate.

IOPC Regional Director David Ford said, “The investigation will also investigate whether the force had information on Mr. Davison’s mental health and whether that information has been adequately taken into account.”

Police said the incident, the worst mass shooting in Britain since 2010, has nothing to do with terrorism. However, Davison referred to the “Incels” in some online social media videos.

The Incels are members of online misogynist groups of “unwittingly single” men who hold women accountable for their sexual failure and have been implicated in a variety of acts of violence around the world.

Davison had posted hate speech about single mothers, particularly her mother, on the Internet, calling her “horrible, dysfunctional and chaotic.”

Local resident Bert Pinkerton told the BBC that he passed the killer on the street.

“I looked down, I turned the corner, the boy came to me with a black gun. I could smell the gunshots.”

He said Davison had a “blank stare” and felt lucky to be alive. “It could have been me,” he said.

Neighbors Paris and Billy told the BBC they were “unhappy” when they learned that the killer’s youngest victim was three years old.

Paris said: “I feel devastated for the family, it makes things worse to be a child.

He added: “Nothing will ever be the same again, especially when it’s on the street.”

Billy said, “I think now it will be different forever here.”

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Another local woman said she hid under a pool table to avoid “pure violence” after hearing gunshots.

Peggy Holliday took refuge in a nearby pub and “literally hung under one of the pool tables for her entire life,” she told ITV News West Country.

“I felt like they were following me,” she says.

Dozens of flowers, postcards and stuffed animals were placed near the crime scene in honor of the victims.

A note said, “Rest in peace. Thoughts and prayers with all of you. A tragic loss. So beautiful souls. Love.”

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