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Gloria Y. Williams

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A Houston woman and her boyfriend were arrested and charged by authorities Tuesday with abandoning and neglecting their three young children in a home for months when the bodies of the children’s nine-year-old brother rotted in the home for more than a year.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said Gloria Y. Williams, 35, was accused of injuring a child for failing to provide medical care and inadequate supervision.

Brian W. Coulter, 31, is charged with murder in connection with the child’s death, according to ABC 13 TV.

Hours after investigators conducted their social checkup on Sunday, during which they made the gruesome discovery, the two were interrogated and released.

Court documents obtained by show that Gloria Y. Williams has been charged twice for failing to enroll her children in school.

The Alief Independent School District informed KTRK that the school district closed absenteeism against the brother’s mother in 2019 and 2020 because two of them did not go to school. The children were last registered in May 2020.

Both charges were subsequently dropped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The police called the death of the nine-year-old boy murder

The Harris County Coroner’s Office ruled Tuesday that the nameless girl suffered multiple blunt injuries leading to her murder.

According to a report:

According to a report by the victim’s 15-year-old brother, he and his two surviving brothers had lived with her decaying body in their apartment for a year.

Just before the teen called 911 on Sunday, she wrote her mother to tell her she couldn’t take it any more than her, she introduced herself.

The appeal led to a number of troubling revelations, including that the three children, ages 15, 10, and 7, had to struggle for several months and rely on food donations from unsuspecting neighbors to survive while sharing a shared apartment. with the decaying brother. – even though her mother and her boyfriend lived only 15 minutes away.

Detectives from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office interviewed the couple before releasing them Monday pending the criminal investigation.

Texas Child Protective Services also opened an investigation into the horror found at the West Houston apartment complex.

Erica Chapman

Erica Chapman, who lives in CityParc II at West Oaks Apartments, said she was among those who fed the malnourished 15-year-old without knowing that she lives with her two younger siblings.

“The first time I saw it, she was sleeping on one of the slides,” Chapman told KTRK.

Chapman said he noticed that the teen’s mother was rarely home. She occasionally showed up with pasta, sandwiches and drinks. The abandoned teenager ran downstairs in search of food and then returned to the apartment.

About six months ago, Chapman said she started serving food when she was 15, but she said she refused to accept cooked meals and only agreed to have packaged snacks, fruit and pizza.

Trevor Thompson, another neighbor who had helped the boy, told the station that the boy was paranoid and afraid of being poisoned.

Thompson said the teen knocked on his door one day and borrowed a charger. Later, the neighbor said that he had joined the boy and started offering him food.

Thompson and Chapman said they had no idea that two younger children were living with the 15-year-old.

Thompson once recalled asking the teenager if he liked the pizza he had given him.

“And he asked:” What? The first pizza we ate? Thompson said: “I was wondering why he said ‘we’.

Authorities did not disclose whether they were looking for the biological father of the children.

“When all the stitches were put together, it looks like they were there when the body deteriorated,” the sheriff said.

The HCSO is currently investigating the circumstances that led to the child’s death and how long they were left alone.

“To ensure the safety of the children, the Ministry of Family and Protective Services requires urgent custody of the three children,” the agency said Monday.

“Childcare services have a family history, but at the time of the birth of the children there was no active investigation by the CPS.

Local residents said the administration had been making inspection visits to the area for the past two weeks.

A neighbor who lived next door to the brothers told KTRK that she had no idea anyone lived in this unit, let alone the children.

The neighbor of the apartment building told the KTRK station she had been complaining for months about a foul smell emanating from the unit where the shocking discovery was made over the weekend.

He said that 13 or 14 months ago he first noticed an unpleasant smell coming from what he thought was an abandoned apartment.

The smell was so strong, the woman said, that she would have to turn off the air conditioning to prevent it from entering her house through the air vents.

The neighbor said she had repeatedly complained to property management about the smell, but it was not clear if anyone had gone to the unit where the brothers were staying to inspect them.

According to police, investigations are still ahead.

“Very terrible situation here, very tragic. I’ve been in this business for a long time and I’ve never heard of such a scenario, it really surprised me, ”González told the media on Sunday evening.

“We are trying to identify the closest family members to see exactly what happened and how we got there … we will ensure that a thorough investigation is carried out,” he added. .

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