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Evan Wexler

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When thieves attempted to steal exotic sports cars from meat tycoon Evan Wexler for the 18th time, he ran naked from his bed with a loaded semi-automatic rifle to fire warning shots from his porch.

The shots were fired and the thief fled.

But Evan Wexler, 56, exposed her frustration with the police, who said they were more concerned with watching him than with catching the callous bandits who had been in his Ferrari, Lamborghini and Hummer for the past two years.

CCTV footage

On Sunday evening, according to CCTV footage, thieves broke into his Mercedes G car parked in the driveway of his Fort Lee, NJ home, looking for the keys to their most exotic journeys. It was the same M.O. Thieves who used it last August to steal his rare Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Coupe worth more than half a million dollars, Wexler said.

The Lamborghini, which was one of 10 in the United States at the time, was found in an abandoned house in Newark a week later with $ 80,000 in damage.

The second-generation butcher-turned-supermarket burger and steak wholesaler, nicknamed “the picky gentlemen” on Instagram, lives in a mansion in the upscale Bluff neighborhood of Fort Lee, overlooking the Hudson River.

Evan Wexler claims to have called the police 25 times for burglary attempts since August 2019, but Fort Lee police only arrested the thieves once earlier this year.

The colorful businessman was in police sights after unloading his AR-15 rifle during a robbery attempt in the early hours of March 25, 2020.

Police initially accused Wexler of aggravated assault and possession of weapons for illegal purposes, but reluctantly confessed to allegations of possessing a deadly weapon to end the case. This gun was another found by the police on his property, illegal because the magazine contained too many bullets.

“I’m a guy who is terrified in Fort Lee,” Wexler said.

“There’s an accident where a guy starts my car, I walk out of the house with a gun, the guy starts the car, goes ahead and shoots my gun.

“At this point, the Fort Lee police show up, there are no gunshot victims, but they are coming to reverse the situation.”

The dramatic CCTV footage showed when the thief spotted Wexler and his gun, parked the car, got out and ran in the opposite direction.

In an arrest report filed with the Fort Lee City courthouse, Officer Jonathan Kim acknowledged that there was “a long history of reporting to the Fort Lee police regarding suspects attempting to steal [Wexler’s] vehicles.”

Following the investigation, Wexler was forced to sell his weapons and was sentenced to two years of probation.

Potential auto offenders still sneak into Wexler’s property in the middle of the night on average every two weeks, he says, but he feels powerless to stop them.

“I’m tired and scared,” he said.

“I’ve spent too many sleepless nights because I’m helpless.

“At least when I had guns in the house I knew I had some protection when they came into my house, but now I only have a dog.”

Responding to questions about what they are doing to catch the robbers in the act, Fort Lee police said they stepped up patrols in the “affected areas” and participated in a social media flash that hit them resident who was remembered to lock their cars.

“The department has deployed more patrols and more personnel to the affected areas,” said Edward Young, Captain Edward Young of the Fort Lee Police Department.

“The department hired officers and detectives who went through the affected neighborhoods to educate residents to lock doors and take trailers away.”

Wexler admitted that he sometimes leaves his car unlocked, but only on rare occasions, and his classic cars are tied behind the best security doors money can buy.

“Sometimes I forget to lock the car, but most of the time the car is stuck,” he said.

“The police tell me to lock my doors and I will show them videos of people walking into my property and trying to open my locked cars.”

Wexler’s security measures include retractable poles, a magnetized safety barrier, and hidden cameras with motion detection.

“The motion detector is a blessing and a curse because now I see how many times these guys do it every night

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