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Who is Couy Griffin ( Cowboys for Trump founder turns against former president ) Wiki, Bio, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Couy Griffin

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Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin insulted the former president at a QAnon conference in Las Vegas.

After years of supporting Donald Trump, Couy has voiced his mind on what he believes is Trump’s biggest failure.

Couy Griffin was once a staunch supporter of the former president but has now turned against Trump after failing to support those involved in the January attack on Capitol Hill.

Griffin remains the New Mexico County Commissioner despite his participation in the Capitol Riots, in which Trump supporters tried to prevent the confirmation of Joe Biden’s election victory.

In 2019, Griffin founded Cowboys for Trump and rode his group of Republicans in Washington in support of the former president.

Couy Griffin has been a staunch supporter of the former president for several years, but has expressed disappointment that Trump did not support those arrested in the January 6 attack.

During his appearance at the For God and Country Patriot Double Down conference, Griffin criticized the former president for breaking his 2016 election promise to put Hilary Clinton in jail.

He noted: “We also support President Trump in his fight for justice and have been calling ‘stop him’ for four years. Lock you up. Lock them up. “What did the President tell us? If you were in charge of the law, [Clinton] would be in jail. the end of your term of office. Four year olds, the only ones imprisoned were men like me and others like me who were the strongest on the president’s side.

In his speech at the QAnon conference, Griffin refers to “men like me” where he refers to the supporters of the former president who stormed the Capitol and rebelled on January 6th.

Griffin was arrested for his involvement in the daring attempts to overthrow the 2020 US presidential election. He is currently charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing on Capitol Hill, although he has not yet been charged. However, the Republican pleaded not guilty and alleged that his persecution was due to his political beliefs.

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