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Who was Claudia Puliafito ( Owner of a Coca-Cola bottling company in San Luis shot along with her driver ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Claudia Puliafito

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A suspect Claudia Puliafito filmed his accomplice laughing and holding a pile of cash in front of one of their homes after they reportedly raided the owner of a local Coca-Cola distribution center in central Argentina.

The footage, shared on social media after it was received by the local newspaper Reporte San Luis, shows the accused mugger in the house sitting in the passenger seat of a car shortly after Claudia Puliafito and her driver Nestor Espinoza were shot outside the camp in San Luis.

Puliafito went to the bank at around 11 a.m. local time on Monday to withdraw about $ 10,000 to cover the wage reserves for her employees.

According to the Argentine digital news agency El Chorrillero, two men appeared to be waiting for Puliafito and Espinoza to arrive at the warehouse and intercepted them across the street.

Puliafito said one of the shooters got off a motorcycle and didn’t say a word to her or Espinoza before opening fire.

She was shot in the leg and Espinoza was injured in the abdomen. Her injuries have been classified as non-life threatening. Both were discharged from the hospital.

“My life is not worth the money that was taken from me,” said Puliafito. “He aimed at my stomach to kill me and hit my leg.”

Authorities recovered the motorcycle, which was reported stolen on Sunday, and a bag containing around $ 1,550, both of which were left in the Barrio San Martín neighborhood.

One of the suspect’s homes was searched by authorities, but both men remain at large, according to San Luis reports.

According to the news channel Todo Noticias, the authorities are investigating whether another person may have been involved and who gave the attackers the date and time of Puliafito’s visit to the bank.

“It’s a feeling I’ve never had in my life, I’ve been the distributor for 7 years and no one had a gun pointed at me,” said Puliafito. “I thought I was going to die there and when he shot ‘I don’t remember anything else, just the pain I couldn’t take.’

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